Definition of nonacceptance in English:



  • Refusal to accept, receive, or agree to something.

    ‘they endured hatred, resentment, and nonacceptance’
    • ‘Many pundits forecast gloom and non-acceptance - until last week, 60% opposed the move - but most Germans have responded well, believing that the euro is simply part of the way forward to greater European unity and integration.’
    • ‘Alan Irwin alludes to the public non-acceptance of nuclear technology, and argues that this conclusion is justified by a careful, rational cost-benefit analysis.’
    • ‘Thus, non-acceptance of these norms by a daughter-in-law would be seen as an act of ‘defiance’ by a society which has for decades now put up with bride-burning on account of insufficient dowry.’
    • ‘There is denial and non-acceptance of that fact.’
    • ‘We fought blatant racism, and non-acceptance for a long time.’



/ˌnänakˈseptəns/ /ˌnɑnækˈsɛptəns/