Definition of nonapology in English:


nounplural noun nonapologies, plural noun nonapology apologies

(also nonapology apology)
  • A statement that takes the form of an apology but does not constitute an acknowledgement of responsibility or regret for what has caused offense or upset.

    ‘he issued a nonapology hinting that the reader was at fault’
    • ‘what we have here is a variant on the classic nonapology: sorry if we upset you’
    • ‘he responded with a nonapology apology, tweeting “sorry I didn't bow down to you”’
    • ‘This was like one of those classic nonapology apologies: "I'm sorry if you didn't understand what I was saying."’
    • ‘He issued a full statement, basically echoing the same sentiments of his non-apology tweets.’
    • ‘He did an interview with a UK blog, where he further expanded on his non-apology.’
    • ‘Avoid the 'I'm sorry you feel that way' type of non-apology, which infuriates people.’
    • ‘Politicians and religious leaders are known for their non-apology apologies.’
    • ‘The organization issued a patronizing and insulting non-apology and have done nothing to discipline the stupid bigot.’
    • ‘The company's non-apology statement added more insult to injury.’
    • ‘The president's apologizing was of the non-apology sort.’
    • ‘A variation on this non-apology theme is "If I hurt you, I'm sorry."’
    • ‘Weak non-apology apologies are worse than the offending tweets themselves.’



/ˌnänəˈpäləjē/ /ˌnɑnəˈpɑlədʒi/