Definition of noncapital in English:



  • (of an offense) not punishable by death.

    ‘In early 1995, the offence of which the author was convicted was classified as non-capital murder, and his death sentence was commuted to life imprisonment on 16 March 1995.’
    • ‘Last week, it was announced that he and five of the policemen involved will be charged for non-capital murder tomorrow.’
    • ‘This morning I heard on the news that Adams and five other officers will be charged with non-capital murder.’
    • ‘He will face non-capital charges before a general court-martial at Travis Air Force Base in California, according to the Air Force.’
    • ‘The military commission is confirmed as having authority to try even the most serious non-capital offenses with trial panels of only three officers.’



/nänˈkapətl/ /nɑnˈkæpətl/ /nänˈkapədəl/ /nɑnˈkæpədəl/