Definition of noncommercial in English:



  • Not having a commercial objective; not intended to make a profit.

    ‘a noncommercial radio station’
    • ‘A real Digital Britain strategy would seek to change the law to legalise noncommercial, transformative use.’
    • ‘Microsoft also promised not to sue open source developers who distribute non-commercial implementations of Microsoft software.’
    • ‘Much like the early days of browsing, most work on the web was non-commercial.’
    • ‘Permission is granted to distribute text or graphics only with proper attribution for non-commercial purposes only.’
    • ‘You should have a minimum of three years work experience with managerial responsibilities, gained from commercial or non-commercial organisations.’
    • ‘For strictly non-commercial use of the software, you may prefer to license the software under the non-commercial use license.’
    • ‘Most of the tools mentioned are free for non-commercial use.’
    • ‘Tax incentives should be created to aid in the development of new, community-based, noncommercial broadcasting outlets.’
    • ‘The law required satellite TV services to reserve at least 4 percent of their programming capacity for noncommercial, educational channels.’
    • ‘My offense seems to have been spreading noncommercial messages in a capitalist environment.’
    • ‘They permit a creator to authorize some noncommercial use without giving copyright away completely.’
    • ‘There were many nice non-commercial displays of minerals to view at the Convention Center.’
    • ‘The governor allowed some non-commercial instincts to prevail where business was not opposed.’
    • ‘The needs of non-commercial research were considered only at a late stage.’
    • ‘Its non-commercial placement cell helps its students by tapping job opportunities in leading companies.’
    • ‘Some noncommercial efforts to design more general databases merit particular mention; three of the most promising are described next.’
    • ‘One of his future projects, however, includes making a non-commercial art film.’
    • ‘This has been due to commercial content on programming submitted for our non-commercial channels.’
    • ‘Antarctica has been visited only by expeditions with primarily scientific or other non-commercial objectives.’
    • ‘The decision stated that the Mohawks of Akwesasne have the Aboriginal right to carry non-commercial goods across the border without paying duty.’



/ˌnänkəˈmərSHl/ /ˌnɑnkəˈmərʃl/