Definition of nondigital in English:



  • 1Not represented by numbers, especially binary codes; not digitized.

    ‘nondigital items have only their location information (catalog records) in the digital library, as it happens in a traditional automated library situation’
    • ‘This strategy can include digitally corroborating nondigital findings, such as paper evidence, as well as drafting discovery requests related to the information technology of an enterprise and participating in related depositions.’
    • ‘When objects are digital, there are many more ways they can be used; they can be more useful than nondigital objects.’
    • ‘However, nondigital sensory input may be used for some grip control during impaired digital sensibility.’
  • 2Not using the internet or computers.

    • ‘nondigital submissions will be accepted only until February 1st’



/ˌnänˈdijədl/ /ˌnɑnˈdɪdʒədl/