Definition of nonfigurative in English:



  • 1Not figurative.

    ‘Aristotle does not rule out the possibility that metaphor may contain insights, but any truth so contained in figurative language would be additionally accessible through non-figurative language.’
    • ‘But God's self-portrayal can be simultaneously literal and figurative only if literal does not mean non-figurative but real or actual.’
    1. 1.1(of an artist or work of art) abstract.
      ‘works which appeared to be nonfigurative often did in fact recall the visible world’
      • ‘In the twentieth century Wassily Kandinsky is considered as the inventor of non-figurative art.’
      • ‘This is often the case with abstract or non-figurative painting.’
      • ‘Up until about 1974, Haas experimented with a range of different techniques and styles, producing, for example, non-figurative paintings and drawings reminiscent of Paul Klee or the Abstract Expressionists.’
      • ‘I also do more non-figurative art that is very abstract.’
      • ‘Liu's non-figurative paintings embody an extreme intensity which has become a trademark style of this talented painter.’



/ˌnänˈfiɡ(y)ərədiv/ /ˌnɑnˈfɪɡ(j)ərədɪv/