Definition of nonfulfillment in English:


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  • Failure to fulfill or carry out something desired, planned, or promised.

    ‘he is seeking compensation for nonfulfillment of his contract’
    • ‘This approach also sidelines concerns of equity, or the negative results of market forces, such as poverty and non-fulfilment of basic needs.’
    • ‘The consignment could not be cleared from Karachi Port due to non-fulfilment of required formalities by the consignee.’
    • ‘If found guilty of non-fulfilment, Barnsley could be docked two points and forced to replay the clash.’
    • ‘Clause 3 gives both Rybcomflot and Bergen the right of termination without notice in case of non-fulfilment of clause 3 obligations.’
    • ‘If it is not fulfilled and the non-fulfilment causes the damage the immunities of Article IV cannot be relied on.’
    failure, foundering, ruin, ruination, collapse, breakdown, thwarting, frustration, undoing, reversal, setback, unsuccessfulness, aborting, non-fulfilment, misfiring, mismanagement, perversion



/ˌnänfə(l)ˈfilmənt/ /ˌnɑnfə(l)ˈfɪlmənt/