Definición de nonfunctional en Inglés


Pronunciación /nänˈfəNGkSHənəl/ /nɑnˈfəŋkʃənəl/


  • 1Not having any particular purpose or function.

    ‘Also a little creativity can alter a non-functional space into a functional one.’
    • ‘We examined what makes an object functional as opposed to non-functional.’
    • ‘In addition to functional genes, both clusters contain non-functional pseudogenes.’
    • ‘It is possible that this allele is non-functional and is compensated by other functional alleles in the same patient.’
    • ‘Yet, while non-functional ceramics have tended to take the limelight at the expense of local pottery, a less noticed relationship between pottery and painting has borne real fruit.’
    • ‘Males of all species have 1 or 2 large functional teeth on the lower jaw; smaller, apparently non-functional teeth are sometimes seen on upper and lower jaws of several species.’
    • ‘Ping Qiu's large, unglazed ceramic objects are based partly on Chinese cooking vessels, but their non-functional form clearly refers to the anatomical.’
    • ‘And, of course, those who use pottery or metal materials and techniques to create non-functional things are artists.’
    • ‘A non-functional fireplace is the focus of the room, and it shouldn't be.’
    • ‘A study in the current issue of Science demonstrates for the first time that social behavior may be shaped by differences in the length of seemingly non-functional DNA, sometimes referred to as junk DNA.’
    • ‘The pieces are mainly non-functional - they're really just to look at and admire.’
    • ‘In other words, ‘vestigial organs’, like the non-functional eyes of cave-dwelling fish, are claimed as evidence for evolution having occurred.’
    • ‘They're usually very pretty, usually reasonably priced, and are non-functional decorative items.’
    not working, not in working order, not functioning, broken, broken-down, out of service, out of commission, acting up, unserviceable, faulty, defective, non-functional, inoperative, in disrepair
    1. 1.1Not operating or in working order.
      ‘The rate of change in non-functional sequences is orders of magnitude higher than in functional sequences, for obvious reasons.’
      • ‘He said additional toilets would be constructed wherever necessary, while the ones that are non-functional would be made functional.’
      • ‘Out of these 140 are functional while 81 are non-functional.’
      • ‘Several traffic lights are non-functional, most of the streets are poorly lit, and the drainage system is very poor resulting in most buildings being submerged by water.’
      • ‘A Balkan Film Board was established in 1995, and although it is non-functional at the moment, it is a structure that many filmmakers from the region say they would like to see operational.’
      • ‘Although the state has over 3,000 piped water supply schemes and over 110,000 suction-type handpump, many are non-functional due to lack of funds or community involvement.’
      • ‘I again politely declined (having just finished breakfast), but was good enough to point him in Fester's direction so he could be pestered about the non-functional video screen.’
      • ‘This resulted in buildings being non-functional, inoperative or even condemned.’
      • ‘These industries will continue to flourish under an inefficient almost non-functional licensing office unless our Government calls for a halt to this foolishness and implement the computerisation of the transport division.’
      • ‘The lifts, meant exclusively for the patients, have been rendered non-functional for the past two days.’
      • ‘Urdu Academy is almost non-functional due to lack of grants.’
      • ‘The workers had also complained about the unit's single non-functional fire extinguisher, which was replaced by two new ones.’
      • ‘Yet the city is dependent for dealing with fires on a salt-water mains system that is known to have been non-functional for the past three years.’
      • ‘He claimed that more than 300 public toilets have become non-functional and most of the fixtures from the toilets have been stolen.’
      • ‘Otherwise, those organs will become non-functional.’