Definition of noni in English:



  • Any of various evergreen trees or shrubs of the madder family (Genus Morinda) native to the South Pacific. Various medicinal preparations are made from their leaves, roots, and fruit.

    ‘The fertiliser will be particularly beneficial for the organic noni growers.’
    • ‘Polly makes a point of educating us on native plants as well, like the kukui nut, whose oil was used by Hawaiians as lubricant and fuel, the noni, and the ti leaf.’
    • ‘I learned that noni is a commonly planted tropical tree used primarily as an ornamental plant for its broad, bright green leaves, affording shade where it's needed.’
    • ‘Its medicinal effects are produced from the noni's roots, stems and leaves.’
    • ‘It's no wonder noni's popularity has increased.’



/ˈnōnē/ /ˈnoʊni/