Definition of nonionic in English:



  • 1Not ionic.

    ‘It can be shown that both ionic and non-ionic bonds contribute to the interaction.’
    • ‘Another important non-ionic hydride is also basic in water.’
    • ‘The emulsifier used can be anionic, cationic, or non-ionic.’
    • ‘In 1916, Lewis proposed that non-ionic, or covalent, bonds are formed by the sharing of electrons between the atoms which are held together by such a bond.’
    • ‘The non-ionic form barely fluoresced under UV-A excitation.’
    1. 1.1(of a detergent) not dissociating into ions in aqueous solution.
      ‘When chaotropic agents and non-ionic detergents are present, the proteins disaggregate.’
      • ‘The precursor of pea legumin, but not the mature forms accumulated in storage vacuoles, is difficult to extract from membranes unless non-ionic detergents are used, which is an unusual feature for soluble proteins.’
      • ‘Firstly, jars were washed in a non-ionic detergent and rinsed in distilled water.’
      • ‘The oocytes were then extracted in a 37°C microtubule-stabilizing buffer containing non-ionic detergent and glycerol.’
      • ‘There are also non-ionic detergents that have no charge when placed in a water solution.’



/ˌnänīˈänik/ /ˌnɑnaɪˈɑnɪk/