Definition of nonobjective in English:



  • 1(of a person or their judgment) influenced by personal feeling or opinions in considering and representing facts.

    ‘If that sounds inexcusably non-objective and chaotic, consider this.’
    • ‘Was it a view within the White House that, in fact, he was a non-objective source on this investigation?’
    • ‘And whether we do this to make better sense of what happened, or if it's simply to make the story more interesting, we still wind up being non-objective, even invented, personas.’
    • ‘We are the most passionate and non-objective defenders of our coast that I know of.’
    • ‘What it doesn't do - at least, not for me - is involve the viewer in any non-objective way.’
    biased, bigoted, discriminatory, partisan, partial, one-sided, jaundiced, intolerant, narrow-minded, unfair, unjust, inequitable, non-objective, unobjective, blinkered, parti pris, coloured, distorted, warped, loaded, weighted
  • 2Relating to abstract art.

    ‘In 1915, Malevich created an international revolution in art when he established a non-objective art style he called Suprematism by painting a simple black square on a white background.’
    • ‘With the continued search by the state for a truly proletarian art form, however, the various strands of non-objective art soon began to slip from official approval.’
    • ‘In 1967 she established and endowed the Hilla yon Rebay Foundation to ‘foster, promote, and encourage the interest of the public in non-objective art.’’
    • ‘During the sittings, she advised him on the significance of non-objective art, seeking his patronage in securing its place in the cultural fabric of the city.’
    • ‘No major American artists in the twenties were making totally abstract, non-objective paintings.’



/ˌnänəbˈjektiv/ /ˌnɑnəbˈdʒɛktɪv/