Definition of nonordained in English:



  • Not having been ordained as a priest or minister.

    ‘the church didn't fund pensions for nonordained staff’
    • ‘There can be confusion concerning the difference between ordained and non-ordained ministry.’
    • ‘Together the ordained and the non-ordained journey on their pilgrim way and we all need one another for encouragement and support.’
    • ‘It would be possible to have both ordained and non-ordained people leading the community.’
    • ‘Dr Christine Laird, who came to Orkney in 1992 as the GP for Rousay, Egilsay and Wyre, is the first non-ordained person to hold the post.’
    • ‘Burroughs was a non-ordained minister.’
    • ‘There are also non-ordained brothers who contribute in various ways to the preaching community and thus share fully in the work of the order.’
    • ‘In these situations, non-ordained men, but mainly women, administer parishes.’
    non-clerical, non-ordained, non-ecclesiastical, secular, temporal



/ˌnänôrˈdānd/ /ˌnɑnɔrˈdeɪnd/