Definition of nonpartisan in English:



  • Not biased or partisan, especially toward any particular political group.

    ‘senior civil servants are nonpartisan and serve ministers loyally irrespective of politics’
    • ‘Some bloggers want to be perceived as non-partisan and so might not take money for helping a political party.’
    • ‘My own belief in non-partisan politics is not the musing of an idealist, but the tormented cry of a desperate man.’
    • ‘Unity is a very strong factor and key to success for any organisation whether a political or a non-partisan entity.’
    • ‘Still, some young politicians are willing to engage in a little non-partisan youth networking.’
    • ‘The US has also claimed to be assembling a politically non-partisan public service and judiciary.’
    • ‘I reiterate, it is supposed to be an impartial, non-partisan organisation.’
    • ‘Many towns also elect three non-partisan members to serve a three-year term on the town cemetery commissions.’
    • ‘The ministry of Community Development may perhaps emerge as a more neutral and non-partisan unit that can be given such a task.’
    • ‘The reality of a neutral, non-partisan mainstream press would be worth holding onto - if it had ever existed.’
    • ‘That would ensure non-partisan candidates of high quality, whom no Prime Minister could afford to overlook.’
    • ‘It's intelligent to approach political film in a non-partisan way because you want it to appeal to as many people as you possibly can.’
    • ‘Both are rated quite liberal by the non-partisan National Journal.’
    • ‘Inauguration is a time for healing partisan divisions, and the address should be non-partisan and conciliatory.’
    • ‘This is the message of the Hansard Society, a non-partisan charity promoting effective parliamentary democracy.’
    • ‘The Commission is a non-partisan public body that is independent of government and directly accountable to Parliament.’
    • ‘No system is foolproof, but an all-party, non-partisan approach to appointments is too good an opportunity to miss.’
    • ‘Monitors must be professional and non-partisan in their duties before, during and after elections.’
    • ‘This seems to imply that the magazine has some obligation to be non-partisan.’
    • ‘I believe the process is conducted by a non-partisan or at least a bi-partisan group.’
    • ‘We also believe it is important that Congress speak with one non-partisan voice on this issue.’
    fair, just



/nänˈpärdəz(ə)n/ /nɑnˈpɑrdəz(ə)n/