Definition of nonprofit in English:


Pronunciation /ˌnänˈpräfit/ /ˌnɑnˈprɑfɪt/

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  • Not making or conducted primarily to make a profit.

    ‘charities and other nonprofit organizations’
    • ‘As a health worker in a non-profit foreign organization she was able to move to New York.’
    • ‘They may do it more often, but non-profit public interest organizations do it as well.’
    • ‘It appears to me that a brush with failure can be good for public and non-profit institutions.’
    • ‘As a non-profit organization, we depend on readers like you to make our work possible.’
    • ‘Are you involved in a local or national non-profit or public interest organization?’
    • ‘Members hope money will come once the group is registered as a non-profit organization.’
    • ‘It is organised as a non-profit charity with a priority placed on inclusion and education.’
    • ‘Lees obtained grants from three non-profit organizations to cover most of the costs.’
    • ‘We're also a non-profit organization and that move would put us right into the profit zone.’
    • ‘We are essentially a non-profit organization, so we cannot afford pay editors in cash.’
    • ‘The right person could create a non-profit organization to raise money for a library overhaul.’
    • ‘The United Way is a non-profit organization focussed on people's needs in our community.’
    • ‘She is in the process of registering a non-profit organization to begin fund raising for the project.’
    • ‘Some artworks are lent to government offices and non-profit organizations for display.’
    • ‘He believes that the role of non-profit organizations should be strengthened and expanded.’
    • ‘The Cuckoo Fair is non-profit-making and benefits a range of local charities.’
    • ‘Despite having the support of a dozen non-profit organizations, the city denied the request.’
    • ‘PAWS is a non-profit organization with the aim of making a positive difference.’
    • ‘I am a volunteer and board member at a non-profit organization called Women AWARE.’
    • ‘Most business and non-profit organizations are not simple, clearly bounded entities.’
    philanthropic, humanitarian, humane, altruistic, benevolent, beneficent, welfare, public-spirited, socially concerned, doing good works


North American
  • A nonprofit organization.

    ‘I spent the next six years working for small nonprofits’
    • ‘At the gathering, Obama praised a New Hampshire nonprofit that helps poor people buy fuel-efficient, reliable cars.’
    • ‘About one-third of employees nationwide participate in a traditional or defined benefit pension plan, according to the Employee Benefit Research Institute, a Washington nonprofit.’
    • ‘Mr. Soto and others eventually persuaded the city to let them stay, forming a nonprofit that now manages the performances.’
    • ‘Use these how-to articles and tip sheets to help your nonprofit identify and understand your target audience.’
    • ‘And TERI, a nonprofit that guarantees private student loans, has filed for bankruptcy.’
    • ‘Geekcorps is a nonprofit that takes Linux support, or rather education, to the doors of those who need it most.’
    • ‘Sara Catania is a 2002 Crime and Communities Media Fellow with the Open Society Institute, a New York-based nonprofit dedicated to reforming the criminal-justice system.’
    • ‘And my guest today on All in the Mind is Zack Lynch who heads up a non-profit organisation called the Neurosociety Institute in San Francisco.’
    • ‘For the 1999-2000 school year EF cashed in some of its stock donated from start-ups and put $325,000 to work for the nonprofit.’
    • ‘Sixty percent of those associated with the nonprofit that had Web sites themselves did not have links to the organization on their own personal Web site.’
    • ‘The white-columned historic building at 2717 Hearst Avenue became the offices of New Education Development Systems, another nonprofit whose name provides no indication of its church connection.’
    • ‘American Citizens Abroad is a non-profit that keeps tabs on migratory Americans, however, with the goal of lobbying on behalf of their interests in Washington.’
    • ‘The attorney general is bringing a case on the grounds that New York State's not-for-profit corporation law gives him the power to sue any nonprofit that pays excessive salaries.’
    • ‘The Springfield Neighborhood Housing Services, a Springfield, Mass.-based nonprofit, which offers lending services, created a financial fitness program that consists of 10 to 12 hours of instruction.’
    • ‘The program is non-profit, so all donations can be deducted.’
    • ‘He works for a nonprofit.’
    • ‘Internet content creators were asked if they used email lists for their nonprofit organization and those otherwise associated with the nonprofit were asked if they participated in email lists.’
    • ‘The nonprofit that knows the issues and has grassroots connections maintains a larger role.’
    • ‘You are a non-profit aren't you?’