Definition of nonrealistic in English:



  • Not representing things in a way that is accurate and true to life.

    ‘nonrealistic environments’
    • ‘theatrical production should be nonrealistic, formalized, and symbolic’
    • ‘As a taste for non-realistic forms of fiction established itself, Gothic settings and character-types reappeared regularly as part of the repertoire of serious fiction.’
    • ‘The amount of information is not altered, for instance, by switching from the realistic mode of representation of conventional perspective to the non-realistic mode of, say, reverse perspective.’
    • ‘Thus even non-realistic depictions that do not purport to represent faithfully events and persons still tend to make the audience feel that they have experienced history.’
    • ‘He quotes me in this book as claiming that the Irish literary tradition is one of 'largely non-realistic works', whereas what I actually wrote was 'non-realist'.’
    • ‘It just happened that non-realistic art got media attention because the media focuses on the shocking and controversial.’
    • ‘Some commentators felt that the symphony was ' non-realistic ' and attacked its pessimism.’
    • ‘He did several set designs for the left-wing Unity Theatre, including productions of Shaw's The Applecart, Chekhov's The Cherry Orchard and Arthur Miller's The Crucible, the last employing a non-realistic design separating the stage with cheesecloth screens.’
    • ‘You know how sometimes SF/Fantasy is referred to as "speculative fiction", in an attempt to encompass all types of non-realistic fiction, and also to avoid the stigma of genrefication?’
    • ‘"It is the most neglected of the arts," Lal agreed, "because ours is a realistic age and dance is non-realistic."’
    • ‘He looks back and realises the images on the wall that dictated our perception of reality are non-realistic.’



/ˌnänˌrēəˈlistik/ /ˌnɑnˌriəˈlɪstɪk/