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  • Designed to prevent sliding or skidding.

    ‘nonskid tires’
    • ‘They have a loosely elasticized ankle and non-skid soles and zip up the front.’
    • ‘Since it has a non-skid surface, bed cargo will not move around during transit.’
    • ‘This is a must, as is ensuring proper non-skid footwear is worn by employees.’
    • ‘Just be certain to use a non-skid pad underneath, especially if anyone will be stepping out of a tub or shower.’
    • ‘Lay your stone on a flat, non-skid service.’
    • ‘And we now have non-skid porcelain tile specially made for exterior rain-soaked conditions.’
    • ‘If you select tile, try using a throw-rug with a non-skid backing for added precautions, especially around areas that get wet.’
    • ‘The non-skid Thermal Foot Gauntlet is designed to relieve pain associated with diabetes, arthritis, and Raynaud's disease.’
    • ‘All you need to pack are sunglasses, a hat, a toothbrush, shorts and a tee-shirt, some non-skid foot-wear and a credit-card.’
    • ‘Grab bars and handrails provide support; smooth sidewalks prevent trips and falls, as do secure carpets and non-skid floor coverings.’
    • ‘Can I remove the carpet and install non-skid tiles?’
    • ‘Never use a bath seat on textured or non-skid surfaces unless the manufacturer's instructions specifically state the seat is intended for such surfaces.’
    • ‘‘It's very relaxing, but a little uncomfortable because all we have are towels as a barrier to the gritty non-skid surface of the deck,’ Johnson says.’
    • ‘Although these men wear no protective clothing, only shorts, pullovers and specially-designed non-skid boots, physical clashes are frequent and each team is allowed a bench of four substitutes to replace the injured.’



/ˈnänˈskid/ /ˈnɑnˈskɪd/