Definition of nonspecific in English:



  • 1Not detailed or exact; general.

    ‘the term “cohort” implies a fairly large but nonspecific number’
    • ‘The three predictions you say you made to me cannot be entertained, since they are vague and/or non-specific.’
    • ‘The problem with demanding intelligence information is that if we keep it non-specific, the government could say anything they want.’
    • ‘Lawyers for Mr Hockey said the evidence was based on hearsay evidence that was ‘vague and non-specific to a very great degree’.’
    • ‘These tend to be largely benign and non-specific.’
    • ‘Early this morning, Sprint was notified by the Overland Park Police of a non-specific bomb threat against Sprint World Headquarters.’
    • ‘Now, if they, too, follow their leadership's example, schools will now draft generalized, non-specific statements of what not to wear.’
    • ‘Something as non-specific and fallible as ‘intuition’ or ‘a hunch’ is in danger of being taken as gospel.’
    • ‘I have had enough of her telling them as they greet her that one day they will have to learn how to behave appropriately or she'll have to give them some sort of non-specific discipline or beating.’
    • ‘As a confirmed wallower in that scandal, I've always believed that Nixon either ordered the break-in or gave a non-specific order that that kind of thing be done.’
    • ‘The term rapidly acquired a more general usage and is sometimes used to describe any non-specific unrealistic genre scene by English 18th-century artists.’
    • ‘The message, I am told, was non-specific, but suggested that the caller had information of relevance to the AFP and he left a phone number, requesting that his call be returned.’
    • ‘Depicting a non-specific scene of prairie settlement in the 19th century, the project explores issues of hope and social advancement as well as techniques of museum display.’
    • ‘‘It's non-specific, uncorroborated information, but nonetheless it is information we received,’ Doguim said.’
    • ‘Some people are lobbying for more non-specific holiday language at businesses or elsewhere.’
    • ‘The business people disapproved of the non-specific nature of the promises made by the Government.’
    • ‘I say it all the time, and use it as a non-specific noun in almost every sentence.’
    • ‘For him, humanity is an abstract concept - a warm, fuzzy, non-specific entity.’
    • ‘What's brilliant about this is the totally non-specific nature of the report.’
    • ‘This may be because the theory is non-specific, so that no individual physicians or institutions can be held responsible.’
    • ‘I'm not exactly sticking a bowl on my head and cutting my hair myself, or saving bits of string for some non-specific emergency.’
    imprecise, inexact, rough, approximate, inexplicit, non-specific, loose, ill-defined, generalized, ambiguous, equivocal, hazy, woolly
    1. 1.1Medicine Not assignable to a particular cause, condition, or category.
      • ‘Most tick-caused infections are asymptomatic or exhibit non-specific symptoms such as fever, fatigue, chills, and anorexia.’
      • ‘To find the cause of tiredness and the non-specific symptoms, consult your general physician.’
      • ‘Many symptoms of acute leukaemia are vague and non-specific.’
      • ‘Patients with patellofemoral pain syndrome usually describe a gradual onset of vague, non-specific pain around their patella.’
      • ‘Experts often call this non-specific neck pain.’



/ˌnänspəˈsifik/ /ˌnɑnspəˈsɪfɪk/