Definition of nontrivial in English:



  • 1Not trivial; significant.

    ‘All this means that applying patches is a non-trivial and increasingly expert task.’
    • ‘It's a non-trivial exercise and if something goes wrong, it can go spectacularly wrong.’
    • ‘Therefore, modifying the site to add new capabilities is decidedly non-trivial.’
    • ‘The non-trivial technical problems that keep the space elevator from being built are legion.’
    • ‘For any non-trivial software package, it seems to me that a consistent user interface is more helpful than a simple one.’
    • ‘Global warming will definitely affect the future of every person on the Earth directly and to a non-trivial extent.’
    • ‘But he won't get there unless he is willing to make some non-trivial mid-course corrections.’
    • ‘Programming a Robot to cook French Toast would be non-trivial.’
    • ‘Having said that, it's important to understand that there are non-trivial possibilities of much more adverse outcomes.’
    • ‘This is a non-trivial result, in fact highly significant.’
    • ‘There remains the non-trivial question of authentication.’
    • ‘Implementing such a change in teaching technique through the existing American educational system would be a non-trivial project.’
    • ‘Even though we might not be able to validate our knowledge of the external world a priori, the fact that we can validate it at all is significant and non-trivial.’
    • ‘In the second half of the eighteenth century, a significant share of rural households in southern England suffered non-trivial declines in real income.’
    • ‘There are non-trivial difficulties with probe design and manufacture, of course, but this is still the coolest thing I've read in Science News in a long time.’
    • ‘Really, the whole controversy is non-trivial.’
    • ‘The first is simply that the decision-making process would distract key campaign staff at a moment when they have the non-trivial task of running a presidential campaign.’
    • ‘But the listing raises non-trivial questions about access to information - even propaganda - that the First Amendment would seem to guarantee.’
    • ‘My impression is that the technical issues, non-trivial though they are (especially as regards testing), pale before the political and liability issues.’
    • ‘As Stanford University ethicist Henry Greely told the Academy last month, ‘there is a non-trivial risk of conferring some significant aspects of humanity’ on animals.’
    1. 1.1Mathematics Having some variables or terms that are not equal to zero or an identity.
      • ‘Perhaps it is most famous for presenting the ‘Hundred fowls problem’ which is an indeterminate problem with three non-trivial solutions.’



/nänˈtrivēəl/ /nɑnˈtrɪviəl/