Definition of nonuniform in English:


Pronunciation /ˌnäːnˈyo͞oːnəˌfôːrm/ /ˌnɑːnˈyuːnəˌfɔːrm/ /ˌnänˈyo͞onəˌfôrm/ /ˌnɑnˈjunəˌfɔrm/


  • Not uniform, regular, or constant; varying.

    • ‘The color of Epimetheus in this view appears to vary in a non-uniform way across the different facets of the moon's irregular surface.’
    • ‘He says the ironies, the paradoxes, of the normalization of the Mars orbit and the other orbits, show that we have an elliptical orbit, with constantly non-uniform action.’
    • ‘The rate of the planet's motion, along the elliptical pathway, was constantly non-uniform.’
    • ‘During the early growth stages in rice, the occurrence of low-temperature stress affects seed germination and eventually leads to non-uniform crop maturation.’
    • ‘The delivery order need not be so rigid but the driver must be aware of the non-uniform loading which the vehicle undergoes in such situations.’
    • ‘However, the data do not exclude the possibility of non-uniform lateral extension of the sequence.’
    asymmetrical, non-uniform, uneven, crooked, misshapen, lopsided, contorted, twisted



/ˌnäːnˈyo͞oːnəˌfôːrm/ /ˌnɑːnˈyuːnəˌfɔːrm/ /ˌnänˈyo͞onəˌfôrm/ /ˌnɑnˈjunəˌfɔrm/