Definition of nonunionized in English:



(also British non-unionised)
  • Not belonging to or recognizing a labor union.

    ‘a nonunionized workforce’
    • ‘He would like to start a union for non-unionized Olympic athletes.’
    • ‘The book could very well be about any workers - perhaps even non-unionized workers.’
    • ‘Academics at unionized institutions tend to fare better than their nonunionized peers.’
    • ‘Japanese carmakers have avoided such burdens by generally employing younger, nonunionized workers.’
    • ‘Union workers typically earn a twenty percent premium compared to non-unionized employees.’
    • ‘For example, you can decide along unionized versus non-unionized employees, or by groupings of knowledge workers.’
    • ‘Still, union workers have fared better than nonunionized employees in terms of their layoff conditions.’
    • ‘Due to the shortfall in Nutcracker income, all non-unionized staff agreed to take a temporary salary cut through June.’
    • ‘For the first time this year, the nonunionized town employees did not get their annual raise, she said.’
    • ‘Corporations, especially non-unionized ones, are highly authoritarian structures where workers have little democratic control.’
    • ‘Many of the non-unionized are migrant workers who leave poverty in the countryside to seek informal factory jobs in coastal boomtowns.’
    • ‘Of the nonunionized workers, 5.4 percent claimed; of the unionized workers, 13.6 percent claimed.’
    • ‘At best, they must shift to some other nonunionized industry.’
    • ‘It serves to split the working class, pitting unionized against nonunionized sections, to the mutual detriment of both.’
    • ‘Most of those killed were nonunionized workers for small companies.’
    • ‘I have worked in both union and non-unionized manufacturing facilities.’
    • ‘The Republicans aren't angling for bankruptcy because they want to protect their own own non-unionized auto industry from competition.’
    • ‘The anti-union offensive aims at driving down the rank-and-file workers, both unionized and non-unionized.’
    • ‘Rather than compromise with the drivers, the plan called for a strategy of no negotiations and replacement of the unionized with nonunionized drivers.’
    • ‘There is still a French-speaking working class in both unionized and nonunionized fields.’



/nänˈyo͞onyəˌnīzd/ /nɑnˈjunjəˌnaɪzd/