Definition of nonzero in English:


Pronunciation /nänˈzērō/ /nɑnˈziroʊ/


  • Having a positive or negative value; not equal to zero.

    ‘an extremely small but nonzero chance’
    • ‘The principal quantum number n may have any positive, non-zero integer value.’
    • ‘In the model tests it was found that some rows and columns had a larger number of zero values than non-zero values.’
    • ‘The tiny non-zero value of the effective cosmological constant is hard to understand using traditional particle physics arguments.’
    • ‘The dye level for ventral bundles also rose initially to a maximum value, but dropped exponentially to a non-zero final value.’
    • ‘If there is one underlying process of change, we expect that the increments will converge to a specific, non-zero value, and the distribution will show a unimodal shape with one peak.’