Definition of normcore in English:



  • A style of dressing that involves the deliberate choice of unremarkable or unfashionable casual clothes.

    ‘normcore is an especially tricky style to master because it's so, well, bland’
    • ‘perhaps the most essential piece of the normcore look is the ubiquitous white sneaker’
    • ‘He was normcore before there was normcore, wearing no name brands in Beverly Hills.’
    • ‘Embracing normcore is all about dressing comfortably and effortlessly.’
    • ‘What hipster doesn't love vintage 90s normcore?’
    • ‘Is normcore actually about blending in and rejecting fashion?’
    • ‘Loose-fitting jeans and sneakers: the perfect normcore outfit.’
    • ‘Yet another runway example of the normcore moment?’
    • ‘Normcore continued to metastasize beyond fashion circles.’
    • ‘This outfit isn't normcore as defined by the fashion industry.’
    • ‘The idea of normcore is to defy teenage rebellion and dress to blend in.’
    • ‘So while normcore may be in its ascendancy here in the States, Tokyo street style is still full-on maximalist.’



/ˈnôrmkôr/ /ˈnɔrmkɔr/


Early 21st century from normal + -core.