Definition of norteño in English:



  • plural noun norteños/nɔːˈtɛnjɒs/

    1An inhabitant or native of northern Mexico.

    • ‘A norteño named Abe Torres had started Hoy thirty years before when he shuttled alcoholics the hour-and-a-half across the mountains to Alcoholics Anonymous meetings in Las Vegas.’
  • 2

    (also norteña)
    A style of folk music, associated particularly with northern Mexico and Texas, typically featuring an accordion and using polkas and other rhythms found in the music of central European immigrants.

    ‘Somewhat akin to Tex-Mex tejano and banda styles, ranchera norteña sways with sweeping vocals, accordions, and the full gamut of synthesized sounds.’
    • ‘Using elements from norteño and banda music (styles specific to northern Mexico), the Nortec Collective created an abstract, electro-Latin hybrid that not only gave them a distinct sound but also catapulted them onto the global scene.’
    • ‘Mexican music - norteño, ranchero - is poised to cross over, as black music did in the 1950s.’
    • ‘He diversified into norteño, which soon outsold Tejano.’



/nôrˈtānyō/ /nɔrˈteɪnjoʊ/


Spanish, literally ‘northerner’.