Definition of northeasterly in English:


Pronunciation /ˌnôrTHˈēstərlē/ /ˌnɔrθˈistərli/

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  • Lying towards, facing, or originating from the northeast.

    ‘the weather was ideal for the occasion with a light northeasterly breeze’
    • ‘The wind is picking up and blowing 15-20 knots north-easterly, which I hope is enough to miss the protruding land mass of Tenerife.’
    • ‘Saying so assumes that there will be more north-easterly winds.’
    • ‘The birds, about the same size as a starling and brown with a distinctive head crest, normally travel south for food in winter, but only come to Britain when there are strong north to north-easterly winds.’
    • ‘Experts said they had been washed ashore by exceptionally strong north-easterly winds which had churned up the seabed off north Norfolk.’
    • ‘I have barely sat down again when, unbelievably, I hear the jet approaching again from a north-easterly direction.’
    • ‘Currently, the northern boundary of the exclusion zone runs along the Belham Valley and then in a north-easterly direction.’
    • ‘They're scorched a little on the north-easterly side, leaving the rest green still and, in some cases still growing.’
    • ‘He claimed today's storm, which is caused by a severe depression travelling in a north-easterly direction over the Atlantic, would be the most violent to hit Ireland since the late 1970s.’
    • ‘Those tall red cliffs are hammered in the winter months by prevailing north-easterly winds that generate heavy seas.’
    • ‘The week past saw very little angling pressure on all trout waters within the region, the low temperatures brought about by the cold north-easterly winds keeping anglers indoors.’
    • ‘They dug a channel about 100 metres long to take it around the north-easterly side of Cannon Hill.’
    • ‘Groundwater from that site would flow in a north-easterly direction according to the flow field that I mentioned earlier, and that would pass under the north-west corner during those conditions.’
    • ‘To the north are the Northamptonshire uplands, the most north-easterly extension of the broad band of limestone that runs diagonally across England and is best exposed as the Cotswold hills.’
    • ‘They found ‘high’ sulphur levels in some tree species from 20 to 40 miles in a north-easterly direction from Sudbury.’
    • ‘Just before the 19.30 sets off in a north-easterly direction from King's Cross, she'll be standing on the door trying to keep order.’
    • ‘Coast starts from the famous landmark of John O'Groats - the most north-easterly point of the British mainland.’
    • ‘Wednesday last was July ‘Fair Day’ in Swinford and the weather was ideal for the occasion with a light north-easterly breeze.’
    • ‘A near cloudless sky and a light north-easterly breeze made it feel more like a day in early June than in October.’
    • ‘Monday's strong wind gave the fleet a good race as boats tacked off from the start to find the best wind in the main north-westerly, or to pick up the north-easterly air stream down Troutbeck.’
    • ‘A good example is the Bora wind which is a cold north-easterly wind which blows in winter down the east coast of the Adriatic from the Balkan mountains.’


  • To or toward the northeast.

    • ‘a line of storms crossed into the province, intensifying as they moved northeasterly’


  • A wind blowing from the northeast; a northeaster.

    ‘Of course, the excitement is dependent upon the wind and lately it has been shifting between the customary north-easterlies and southerlies.’
    • ‘That first week in December always heralded in the dry, cooler and stronger north-easterlies, absolutely ideal conditions for yacht racing off Phuket's lovely shore-lines, coasts and surrounding islands.’
    • ‘The wind is still a little unsettled, with southerly storm fronts altering the patterns but being the end of November, the north-easterlies should be prevailing, making racing ideal.’
    • ‘Between November and March, north-easterlies blowing out from the surface high pressure over southern Asia sweep much of the northern Indian Ocean, including the Arabian Sea, the Bay of Bengal, and the South China Sea.’
    • ‘With the perfect conditions currently being experienced in the Northern Gulf, influenced by the forceful north-easterlies, it is going to be a superb weekend.’
    • ‘All the elements of outstanding success were there for the asking: the superb maritime ambience of Phuket, the December offshore north-easterlies, safe anchorages and the potential for a matchless social milieu.’
    • ‘Nevertheless, the weather was as perfect as only Pattaya can produce during the winter north-easterlies: clear skies, big seas, warm ambient temperatures and cool nights.’
    • ‘This year, because the weather system has not followed its usual pattern, for the month preceding our visit, there had been continual cold north-easterlies.’
    • ‘The wind reverses during this ‘dry’ phase, becoming a north-easterly.’
    • ‘As the north-easterly gradually takes control of the Northern Gulf, as is usual at this time of the year, it nevertheless features relatively light, shifting winds, interspersed with at times ferocious, front-line squalls.’
    • ‘The north-easterly had started in the northern Gulf and weather conditions were basically perfect for the five-race event, sailed over last weekend.’
    • ‘It is a worthy gamble, as the north-easterly comes into Phuket a little later than in the Northern Gulf and it may just work.’
    • ‘It was sailed in perfect conditions as the north-easterly, at a light-to-moderate 10-knot average, with relatively smooth seas, blew fairly steadily throughout the five-race competition.’
    • ‘But, by the time the 76-strong fleet had reached the start line, the sky was clear and the north-easterly obliged at around 10-12 knots.’
    • ‘A freshening north-easterly brought three new world records and a stunning British win on the second day of heats here yesterday.’
    • ‘A force 3 north-easterly increased steadily throughout the evening to a force 4 and last year's league champion John Pawson took a commanding lead to win the first race.’