Definition of norther in English:



  • A strong cold north wind blowing in autumn and winter over Texas, Florida, and the Gulf of Mexico.

    ‘Three days later a Texas norther blew everything down.’
    • ‘Saltwater anglers and spring-break tourists suffered a miserable setback Tuesday as the wet norther pushed across southeast Texas.’
    • ‘Guided by the bright moon, those birds arrived with the wet leading edge of a norther expected to chill southeast Texas today.’
    • ‘The meteorologist's announcement of an approaching cold front triggers memories of the spectacular blue northers of my youth which I would watch from the shelter of our garage.’
    • ‘The forecasts call for clearing weather behind a midweek norther, but the impact from ‘inches within hours’ promises to linger.’
    • ‘Pacific weather tends to gather momentum on its way downhill from the mountains of West Texas and sweep quickly, uneventfully past us, and Arctic northers dump most of their frozen precipitation farther up the continent.’
    • ‘Dark clouds ribbed with lightning bloomed from the west, and the approaching norther forced a retreat.’
    • ‘Come rain or come shine, come heat or a blue norther, partygoers at the Houston Polo Club are about to enter the realm of climate control.’
    • ‘Birders and hunters higher up the flyway catch only fleeting glimpses of some species, especially when early, bitter northers expedite the migratory process.’
    • ‘Referred to as ‘poison-winds,’ these northers could quickly desiccate crops and even kill small birds.’
    • ‘Old hunters like bitter northers, too, as long as those fronts lose their punch or get swept westward by high pressure somewhere around Dallas.’
    • ‘No region in the state is immune to a withering norther, but the odds of connecting with fishable conditions improve the farther south you are willing to travel.’
    • ‘The norther that swept bitter freezes across the state during late December resulted in pockets of fish-kill damage along the lower coast.’
    • ‘The chill norther whipped through the small town and reminded every living creature of the onslaught of the winter to come.’



/ˈnôrT͟Hər/ /ˈnɔrðər/