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  • 1Situated in, directed toward, or facing the northwest.

    ‘the far northwestern provinces’
    • ‘The new museum has opened in north-western Spain.’
    • ‘It made best sense to enter in the north-western corner.’
    • ‘Los Silos is a little town on the north-western slope of the island of Tenerife.’
    • ‘Located in north-western Washington, this coastal city is the last stop for many travelers before they enter Alaska.’
    • ‘Some of the money has been disbursed to the eastern and north-western provinces.’
    • ‘It is located in the country's north-western corner.’
    • ‘Both books emphasize works from north-western Europe.’
    • ‘Geologists identified the north-western mountains as some of the world's oldest rocks.’
    • ‘It occurs at the height of 800 feet above the sea, but only on that side of the island exposed to the violent north-western winds.’
    • ‘The main baths were in the north-western quadrant.’
    1. 1.1(of a wind) blowing from the northwest.
      • ‘the bitterly cold northwestern wind’
  • 2Living in, originating from, or characteristic of the northwest.

    ‘an uprising of northwestern inhabitants’
    • ‘northwestern art’
    • ‘We knew we wanted the house to fit its north-western context.’
    • ‘Its early success was built upon a successful coalition among north-eastern evangelicals and north-western farmers.’
    • ‘Some of the 14th century writing seals and later medieval cloth seals are apparently north-western products.’
    • ‘The north-western wines on the menu are some of the best in the States.’
    • ‘Some north-western families drove home and back each day.’



/nôrTHˈwestərn/ /nɔrθˈwɛstərn/