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nose job

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  • An operation involving rhinoplasty or cosmetic surgery on a person's nose.

    • ‘a blonde with a decent nose job’
    • ‘since I was 12, I wanted a nose job’
    • ‘Her surgery included a nose job, brow lift and chin implant.’
    • ‘He had some sort of plastic surgery and had a nose job.’
    • ‘The first choice for men was a nose job, followed by eyelid surgery and liposuction.’
    • ‘Men are most likely to want a nose job or a mini facelift.’
    • ‘‘Maybe I should have had a nose job a long time ago,’ she said.’
    • ‘Making a change was so important to him that, while working as an assistant manager at McDonald's when he was 19, he took out a $6,000 loan for a nose job.’
    • ‘Now she will not only have her face, nose and lips fixed, but get her boyfriend to come along for a nose job, double eye-lids and eye wrinkles reduction.’
    • ‘A 17-year-old girl has been given a nose job as an early Christmas present from her mother.’
    • ‘There were 362 men who had a nose job while 295 had ear pinning, 280 had eyelid surgery, 130 had liposuction, and 93 a face or neck lift.’
    • ‘By the end you could find yourself performing brain surgery one moment, a nose job the next!’
    • ‘They do a brow lift, the face-lift, the nose job, a lip augmentation, a chin implant, breast augmentation, liposuction all at the same time.’
    • ‘She found a plastic surgeon and got a nose job, an ear pin, and breast implants.’
    • ‘After a nose job and some in-depth work on the Curriculum, she left as a gorgeous, confident woman who finally feels good about her decision to be a stay-at-home mom’
    • ‘When I asked my 13-year-old what she wanted for her 18th birthday she said a nose job and liposuction.’
    • ‘In Thailand, cosmetic surgery is so common - and affordable - that there are surgery clinics conveniently based in malls, where shoppers can walk up to request anything from a chemical peel to a nose job.’
    • ‘Gradually, as he spends more time with Evelyn, Adam begins to change - he loses weight, turns in his glasses in favor of contacts, gets a haircut, starts wearing hip clothing, and agrees to a nose job.’
    • ‘While I was there I plucked up the courage to ask about a nose job.’
    • ‘The vouchers ranging from £50 to £1,000 can be used for anything from breast implants to a nose job.’
    • ‘Well, look at it this way, you might be able to get a nose job out of this.’
    • ‘She knew that Joanna had a nose job and implants.’


nose job

/ˈnōz ˌjäb/ /ˈnoʊz ˌdʒɑb/