Definition of nose ring in English:

nose ring


  • 1A ring fixed in the nose of a bull or other animal, for leading it.

    ‘In 1944 Mr Flintoft, of Pickering, saved a farmer from being gored by a bull, by grabbing and holding on to its nose ring until help came.’
    1. 1.1A ring worn in a person's nose as a piece of jewellery.
      ‘girls with sparkling gold nose rings and earrings’
      • ‘In case she's getting on your nerves, you could still pull out one of her earrings or her nose ring.’
      • ‘As far as he could tell, she wore no make up and her only piece of jewelry was a nose ring for she'd sold the rest.’
      • ‘She wears no jewellery except for a silver nose ring.’
      • ‘He also had an earring in his left ear and a nose ring.’
      • ‘She definitely looked a little different, she had a nose ring on and was wearing a pentagram necklace.’


nose ring

/ˈnəʊz rɪŋ/