Definition of nosology in English:



  • The branch of medical science dealing with the classification of diseases.

    ‘During the 17th century, Thomas Sydenham founded the discipline of nosology by insisting that diseases had their own natural history and could be described and classified on the basis of their specific characteristics.’
    • ‘Psychopathology and psychiatric nosology became the legitimate framework for these interventions.’
    • ‘Inflammatory myofibroblastic tumor, also referred to as inflammatory fibrosarcoma, is a rare tumor composed of myofibroblastic spindle cells of uncertain etiology and disputed nosology.’
    • ‘This statement, which appears in the August 2000 issue of Pediatrics, updates a previous AAP statement and reflects the current thinking about alcohol exposure in utero and the revised nosology.’
    • ‘The members of the international academic community who serve on expert panels that define and develop diagnostic criteria and stage pulmonary diseases need to agree on a set of rules that will govern nosology.’



/ˌnōˈsäləjē/ /ˌnoʊˈsɑlədʒi/


Early 18th century from Greek nosos ‘disease’+ -logy.