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‘No doubt Einstein himself is in some measure responsible for this image, since, in later life, he reflected nostalgically on solitude, isolation, and creativity.’
  • ‘Older people always seem to forget when they remind you nostalgically about days when people stuck together no matter what, of the abuse many of them suffered in silence, both physical and mental, as a result.’
  • ‘Later Eliza passed her final test at the Embassy Ball and nostalgically recalls the pleasures of the evening as she sings, ‘I Could have Danced All Night’.’
  • ‘Now, sitting by her cooking pots while an Ivorian boy pounds onions, tomatoes and peppers into a hot sauce for her fish, Michel talks nostalgically about her mother whom she has not seen for several years.’
  • ‘‘And these were everywhere,’ he laments nostalgically, pointing to the Irish-looking coracle lashed under the furled rust sails.’



/nəˈstaljək(ə)lē/ /nəˈstældʒək(ə)li/