Definition of not be worth a damn in English:

not be worth a damn

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  • Have no value at all.

    • ‘your evidence isn't worth a damn’
    • ‘Disconcertingly, he replied: ‘It wasn't worth a damn.’’
    • ‘He said there was an emerging consensus in the media that a press council with no statutory recognition ‘isn't worth a damn ‘, but that a press council imposed from government would be a bad thing.’’
    • ‘As a neutral you'd have to feel sorry for Waterford but in real terms reaching another All-Ireland semi-final and losing it isn't worth a damn to them.’
    • ‘If we don't take care of our own we really aren't worth a damn.’
    • ‘There are tactics that work great when you're at the top of the hill that aren't worth a damn when you're at the bottom.’
    • ‘He was very good at some things, but he wasn't worth a damn at high tech and new ventures.’
    • ‘On the riders who brought shame to his company, he added: ‘They are half-rotten mercenaries and their promises are not worth a damn.’’
    • ‘You can invest in all the latest gadgets, have a sophisticated alarm system, etc. but they are not worth a damn if a simple task like locking a front door is not adhered to.’
    • ‘Plus the heaters in all the planes were not worth a damn and you were cold an awful lot of times.’
    • ‘He said, ‘The best story in the world is not worth a damn unless you can get it out.’’
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