Definition of not mince words in English:

not mince words

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(also not mince one's words)
  • Speak candidly and directly, especially when criticizing someone or something.

    ‘a gruff surgeon who does not mince words’
    • ‘Dr. Kaufman doesn't mince words: ‘As a general rule, this stuff works.’’
    • ‘He doesn't mince words, making it clear that Catholics should believe in what is now called ‘intelligent design’.’
    • ‘Multi-instrumentalist and vocalist Samantha Parton doesn't mince words when explaining why the Be Good Tanyas are attracted to traditional roots music.’
    • ‘Pick an issue, she's got an opinion and she doesn't mince words.’
    • ‘He doesn't mince words, and he is able to talk about this in layman's terms that everyone can understand.’
    • ‘For all his courtesy, he doesn't mince words over political differences between the two countries.’
    • ‘The Scottish music mogul who discovered Oasis certainly doesn't mince his words - and there's definitely no sign of corporate-speak such as ‘synergies’ or ‘shareholder value’.’
    • ‘The straight-taking Murphy doesn't mince his words and makes no secret of his reservations about the prospects of soccer and rugby being played at G.A.A. headquarters.’
    • ‘When asked why there are so few players from the region playing in top European clubs, he doesn't mince his words.’
    talk straight, not beat about the bush, call a spade a spade, speak straight from the shoulder, pull no punches, make no bones about something, get to the point
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