Definition of not so much — as — in English:

not so much — as —


  • Not — but rather —

    ‘the novel was not so much unfinished as unfinishable’
    • ‘Their reasoning is not so much theological as magical.’
    • ‘Bobby Gillespie at 40 is not so much middle-aged as never-aged.’
    • ‘The hysteria was not so much instantaneous as ready-made.’
    • ‘She is not so much cautious as thoughtful and reasoned: extremely useful qualities for new organisations in uncertain waters.’
    • ‘What's different now, though, is that feminism appears not so much dead as obsolete.’
    • ‘His public relations skills are not so much negligible as negative.’
    • ‘The connection between growth and ideas is not so much logical as psychological.’
    • ‘Revolutionary France was not so much backward as different in the route it took towards industrialization.’
    • ‘It is not so much a case of dumbing down, as pumping up the volume and giving it back to the people.’
    • ‘It is not so much to keep the cash flowing as to satisfy his addiction to writing stories.’