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not to mention

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  • Used to introduce an additional fact or point that reinforces the point being made.

    ‘I'm amazed you find the time, not to mention the energy, to do any work at all’
    • ‘You may end up with lung or heart problems, risking quite a few forms of cancer, and not to mention what it can do to an unborn child.’
    • ‘His is by far the most comprehensive coverage in the blogosphere, not to mention that he really knows his stuff.’
    • ‘The band are highly energetic, unique and lots of fun, not to mention very talented.’
    • ‘That's a highly delusional, not to mention incredibly public, way of trying to connect.’
    • ‘To cut characters in stone is not an easy task for normal people, not to mention for a man with one hand.’
    • ‘I am in negative equity having to pay off the mortgage on this land, not to mention two lots of council tax.’
    • ‘It's absurd, not to mention very expensive, with a three month waiting list to re-take the test.’
    • ‘I felt drained and hungry, not to mention that my brain was filled with the desire of sleep.’
    • ‘He felt lost in this environment, not to mention that he was also a little frightened as well.’
    • ‘It was so straining to keep a guise fully activated for so long, not to mention two.’
    in addition to, as well as
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