Definition of not to say in English:

not to say

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  • Used to introduce a stronger alternative or addition to something already said.

    ‘it is easy to become sensitive, not to say paranoid’
    • ‘Were anyone to make such claims nowadays, they would be treated with considerable reserve, not to say great scepticism.’
    • ‘In the United States each system had its determined, not to say bigoted, supporters.’
    • ‘Emma is content, not to say downright pleased with herself.’
    • ‘This kind of thinking seems totally wrong, not to say idiotic.’
    • ‘This was a stroke of extraordinary boldness, not to say foolhardiness.’
    • ‘Indeed, that trade improves welfare is practically a truism, not to say an article of faith.’
    • ‘Writing a history for this Photograph is obviously a crucial, not to say daunting, task.’
    • ‘It seems very uncomfortable , not to say distressing.’
    • ‘Both these features seem to be reflected , not to say magnified, by Kierkegaard's own account of the moral point of view.’
    • ‘That is a very common term, is it not, Mr Garling , not to say almost universal.’