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transitive verb

[with object]
  • Write (something, typically music) in notation.

    ‘the recorded music can then be notated and played back’
    • ‘I think that notated music is very undervalued right now, for all sorts of reasons.’
    • ‘Although he died in 1994, he had been unable to compose or even notate music since around 1985.’
    • ‘Many of the authors seem to consider ethnomusicology and ethnochoreology ‘scientific’ disciplines whose goal is to objectively record and notate music and dance genres.’
    • ‘I spent hours and hours, taking down her every word of reminiscence, all the folksongs she knew, and then had a music-teacher friend, notate the music.’
    • ‘Many of these sounds could not even remotely be notated on the music staff.’
    • ‘The scores vary from painstakingly notated jazz moves through pieces that signpost various musical options.’
    • ‘Kagel began to manipulate props, lighting and texts like musical motifs, and to notate movements and gestures as most composers would notate pitch and rhythm.’
    • ‘He also creates a rubato feel, carefully notated by his tempo indications.’
    • ‘However, as filming techniques became both cheaper and simpler many companies and institutions started to preserve dance on film in order to complement notated records of choreography.’
    • ‘A fully realized score, completely notated by the composer, is required.’
    • ‘He even notated the rhythms of his music out loud, something all tap dancers do in their heads.’
    • ‘The 31 notated Sonatas represent Gunnar Johansen's great contribution to the performing repertoire.’
    • ‘‘Dancing Raindrops’ encourages musical artistry with phrases notated with crescendo and decrescendo throughout.’
    • ‘I would have liked to see some notated musical examples from time to time.’
    • ‘Her dances are notated and recalled through the narratives that underlie the process, rather than specific movements.’
    • ‘It was during the 60s and 70s that Feldman began meticulously notating rhythms and durations; earlier works gave the performers more freedom in these areas.’
    • ‘Some arrangements include jazz solos, and since they are notated, they allow the classical pianist to study their construction.’
    • ‘I should mention that I found at least two wrongly notated rhythm patterns.’
    • ‘A student who has a solid grasp of rhythm and pulse is much more likely to correctly notate the pitches of a melody.’
    • ‘As a result, notated bar lines may not match up to the bar lines one hears.’



/ˈnōˌtāt/ /ˈnoʊˌteɪt/


Late 19th century back-formation from notation.