Definition of note-perfect in English:



  • (of music) performed with technical perfection.

    ‘they sounded like the other time I saw them: not incredibly exciting, but note-perfect’
    • ‘In fact, I'm willing to bet there's more than one Laughing Hyenas record in the young singer's collection, as he's got the John Brannon deep-throat wail down to a note-perfect copy.’
    • ‘First to perform was Jon Peter Lewis, who surprised everyone by belting out an almost note-perfect A Little Less Conversation.’
    • ‘Given a choice between a note-perfect performance with no particular atmosphere and an imperfect performance with special excitement or insight, I'll always take the latter.’
    • ‘He more than makes up for it later with a note-perfect rendition of ‘One for My Baby’ from the Only The Lonely album.’
    • ‘Furthermore, nearly any musician could perform the song ‘Ziggy Stardust,’ but even if it were note-perfect it would lack the authenticity lent by David Bowie's unique personality.’
    • ‘Of course, Cheryl's worry might be that if somebody sees another band of fairly-pretty young things doing note-perfect versions of someone else's songs, there might be difficulty telling the difference between them and the other band.’
    • ‘There's an all too willing readiness to equate soul with slick studio trickery and note-perfect vocal acrobatics, as if the expense and extravagance of the production shows just how much they mean it; and this comes at a heavy price.’
    • ‘Unfortunately, and ironically, this renders the renditions superfluous as, especially with Bachman singing, they're almost note-perfect versions of the originals.’
    • ‘That was the year Todd Rundgren released his Faithful album: one side his own blue-eyed soul, the other note-perfect renditions of the Beatles and Beach Boys classics that first inspired him to pick up a guitar.’
    • ‘State-of-the-art production and Gilmour's note-perfect playing collided with bassist Roger Waters's grim lyrical vision, which fretted about materialism and age creeping up on you.’
    • ‘At the end of the show, the band hit the stage and gave a note-perfect rendition of ‘The Laws Have Changed’ from their brilliant sophomore release The Electric Version.’
    • ‘The band simply stood stock still in subdued lighting, and knocked out note-perfect reproductions of their most recent new album, Talkie Walkie.’
    • ‘The short Welsh guy would often dress up as Elvis Presley, and do note-perfect covers of rock 'n' roll hits.’
    • ‘This is not note-perfect playing, but it is surprisingly error-free, given the circumstances.’
    • ‘I've never heard a karaoke ‘Panic’ before, much less a note-perfect one.’
    • ‘It sounded ace - and while not quite note-perfect, I think we'll have it ready for the Pressure Point gig.’
    • ‘Twenty years haven't etched a scratch on her voice, which still reaches every note, and the band really oblige the packed crowd by playing for about an hour and a half with note-perfect renditions of all the hits.’
    • ‘The footage is top quality and Ms. Morissette is note-perfect.’
    • ‘Lake's voice is always note-perfect and the lengthier pieces show just how much the band actually cared about giving the crowd value for money.’
    • ‘They surround themselves with the best session musicians and make sarky note-perfect songs with dark dark lyrics.’



/ˌnōtˈpərfəkt/ /ˌnoʊtˈpərfəkt/