Definition of nothing of the sort in English:

nothing of the sort

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  • Used as an emphatic way of denying permission or refuting an earlier statement or assumption.

    ‘“I'll pay.” “You'll do nothing of the sort.”’
    • ‘Now Alexander said nothing of the sort, and, neither did Gilchrist get his permission.’
    • ‘While he may continue to profess a desire for an ‘informed national debate’ it seems increasingly likely he wants nothing of the sort.’
    • ‘As far as disrupting the drug trade, they did nothing of the sort, which is just fine, because no doubt few residents feel it's a good idea to disrupt it.’
    • ‘The horticulture department has done nothing of the sort.’
    • ‘The offence was compounded by the proliferation of tables purporting to show elaborate corrections for age factors, but in fact doing nothing of the sort.’
    • ‘I think she got a rude shock when I did nothing of the sort.’
    • ‘Mowbray insisted he had done nothing of the sort.’
    • ‘He did nothing of the sort: two weeks later she was shipped to the Theresienstadt camp in Czechoslovakia and then taken to Auschwitz for gassing.’
    • ‘Gabriel did nothing of the sort, but logged the property to fund his own private ventures, concerning the nature of which I am thankfully ignorant.’
    • ‘The fact is that many of these so-called ‘real-time bookings’ which other sites claim are nothing of the sort.’