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  • 1The absence or cessation of life or existence.

    ‘the fear of the total nothingness of death’
    • ‘Of course, there are also those who do not subscribe to any religious faith and who may believe that death leads to nothingness, oblivion.’
    • ‘Not until life and existence implode into oblivion, nothingness, will the fighting end.’
    • ‘I cannot think, though, that this means my father's life has come to nothingness with his death.’
    • ‘A more important question is at stake: is nothingness synonymous with death?’
    • ‘By risk he means being placed at the limit of death of and nothingness.’
    • ‘Presumably death is a limit or a boundary, and the beyond of the limit of death is nothingness.’
    • ‘Only in nothingness can nothing truly exist, and this is where Cecil was.’
    • ‘It was that void; that gushing nothingness which she so feared.’
    • ‘The more the man whispered, the more Michela found herself falling into a void of nothingness.’
    • ‘She would then stare out, as if in her own little world, her own little void of nothingness.’
    • ‘Already at the beginning of time, a great light shone into the void of nothingness.’
    • ‘She was just about to give up, to stay in the nice, cold dark void of nothingness when a light appeared before her eyes.’
    • ‘Indeed, it may be the fear of nothingness, of simply blinking out of existence which motivates many to take up their faiths.’
    • ‘This absence of perception is absolute nothingness, the nothingness itself being beyond perception.’
    • ‘With death, if he did not slide into nothingness, there would never be an escape.’
    • ‘The large void, terrible in its complete nothingness, yawned again before me and around me and inside me.’
    • ‘Swirls of nothingness embraced me and whispered to me of nothing, and everything.’
    • ‘You are the being that gives form, albeit temporary, to my nothingness.’
    • ‘Certain words drift into the realm of nothingness to be eminently forgotten.’
    • ‘It is a love story in which denial becomes desire and the fundamental states of being and nothingness are put to the ultimate test.’
    oblivion, non-existence, non-being, non-life
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    1. 1.1Worthlessness; insignificance; unimportance.
      ‘the nothingness of it all overwhelmed him’
      • ‘All of this pales into nothingness, however, when faced with The Ghost's latest masterpiece.’
      • ‘Sleep has muffled the last few days into nothingness.’
      • ‘The hot weather we had last week deteriorated to gray nothingness here.’
      unimportance, insignificance, triviality, pointlessness, uselessness, worthlessness, valuelessness
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/ˈnəTHiNGnəs/ /ˈnəθɪŋnəs/