Definition of noticeably in English:



  • In a way that is easily seen or noticed; clearly.

    ‘Chris was noticeably absent from this year's meeting’
    ‘after surgery she deteriorated noticeably’
    • ‘The inside is noticeably larger than the outside.’
    • ‘Even the drivers seem subdued and the blaring horns are noticeably absent.’
    • ‘London is noticeably quieter in August.’
    • ‘We were now very high and the air was now noticeably thinner.’
    • ‘Participants in the competition have not done noticeably better.’
    • ‘The quality of life is noticeably better.’
    • ‘Some had been vacant for several years, so the buildings had deteriorated noticeably.’
    • ‘Traffic on the motorway slowed noticeably.’
    • ‘The various types of sugar differ noticeably in the extent to which they caramelize.’
    • ‘Our business in the United States has declined noticeably in the last few weeks.’