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  • Denoting something, typically a serious infectious disease, that must be reported to the appropriate authorities.

    ‘measles is a notifiable disease’
    • ‘Bird flu and Newcastle disease are notifiable diseases and must be reported to your local Divisional Veterinary Manager.’
    • ‘An outbreak of Newcastle Disease, a notifiable disease affecting poultry, has been confirmed in a number of pheasants intended for shooting in Surrey.’
    • ‘It is a compulsorily notifiable disease in the UK and any suspicion or confirmation of the disease should be immediately notified to Defra.’
    • ‘Those suffering from a notifiable disease must not use public transport, public laundries, or public libraries.’
    • ‘West Nile meningitis and encephalitis are notifiable diseases and should be reported to local health departments.’
    • ‘BSE first became a notifiable disease in cattle in 1988 and in July of that year the ban on mammalian meat and bone meal was brought in.’
    • ‘So normally we carry out a process where we have notifications from laboratories and emergency departments about unusual events or particular notifiable diseases.’
    • ‘Tuberculosis is not considered to be a notifiable disease in India and hence routine health data have not served as the source of information for estimating the disease state in the community.’
    • ‘Viral meningitis is not a notifiable disease in South Carolina, so comparative data are not available for previous years.’
    • ‘Injustice at even the remotest part of the country can then be reported by following the chain of command in much the same manner as notifiable diseases are dealt with.’
    • ‘The weekly influenza cases were extracted from the registers of notifiable diseases.’
    • ‘However, we have done a lot in New Zealand in terms of passenger arrivals, and, as the member will know, yesterday severe acute respiratory syndrome was made a notifiable disease.’
    • ‘It is a rare viral disease of a range of freshwater fish but is not notifiable under EU Fish Health legislation.’
    • ‘Dr Anita Hatfield, of the North Yorkshire Health Authority, said the parasite was not a notifiable disease but they would certainly be told if there were outbreaks of illness associated with it.’
    • ‘Chickenpox, measles and rubella were the only notifiable diseases recorded in children under 15 in Orkney during 2000, according to new Government figures.’
    • ‘Our role has been to provide information on how the smaller insurance schemes for notifiable diseases work at the moment.’
    • ‘Sars is a notifiable disease and if these people want to try their luck I'm prepared to test the strength of our legislation regarding notifiable diseases and take action against them.’
    • ‘Westmorland and Lonsdale MP Tim Collins said the disease should be made notifiable, which had been done in other countries, but that people should not panic.’
    • ‘The addition of Japanese encephalitis to the list of notifiable diseases comes amid concern after three cases within the past two months.’
    • ‘Aids was not a notifiable disease, and therefore it was impossible to determine how many people had it.’



/ˈnōdəˌfīəb(ə)l/ /ˈnoʊdəˌfaɪəb(ə)l/