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‘Some Labor figures dismiss this poll, questioning its methodology, and especially doubting if the preferences would fall the way Newspoll has notionally distributed them.’
  • ‘To the modern eye, it looks like a fairy-tale notionally transferred to a modern setting, based on a simple narrative system of dualities: good and bad, country and city, sweet blonde wife and wicked brunette mistress.’
  • ‘This haunting work, though notionally concerned with attempts at intrusive human settlement on Mars, is pervaded by a sense of solitude and loss, particularly with regard to the fragile and doomed Martians.’
  • ‘It is essential here to emphasise that commissions are not simply paid by product providers to those giving advice; notionally, they are funded out of the product the customer is saving into or paying for.’
  • ‘We were led to believe that these difficult bits of gear were prescribed because - even though we were about to join an armoured division - ours was notionally a mounted unit.’



/ˈnōSH(ə)nəlē/ /ˈnoʊʃ(ə)nəli/