Definition of notoriously in English:


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often as submodifier
  • Used to emphasize that a quality or fact, typically a bad one, is well known.

    ‘the company is notoriously difficult to contact’
    • ‘a notoriously overcrowded prison’
    • ‘Getting computers to recognise faces is notoriously difficult.’
    • ‘Stolen computers are notoriously difficult to recover.’
    • ‘A landslip near one of Hobart's most notoriously unstable areas will be investigated today.’
    • ‘Governments tend to be notoriously inefficient.’
    • ‘You can also take a five-hour boat ride, but the boats are notoriously overcrowded.’
    • ‘Convenience samples are notoriously biased because the cases are self-selected rather than randomly selected.’
    • ‘Chickens are notoriously tricky to catch.’
    • ‘Forecasters are notoriously unreliable at predicting things like the next wave of technological change.’
    • ‘Polling has proven notoriously unreliable so far this election season.’
    • ‘The country's political system is notoriously corrupt.’



/nəˈtôrēəslē/ /nəˈtɔriəsli/