Definition of noughties in English:


plural noun

mainly British
  • the noughtiesThe decade from 2000 to 2009.

    ‘he became one of the biggest stars of basketball in the noughties’
    • ‘That outburst has emerged in the noughties, a decade in which the initiative for innovation has begun to pass from America to Asia.’
    • ‘If the ‘90s were the decade of the Internet, the noughties could well be the decade of the mobile.’
    • ‘Maybe the naughty noughties won't be such a cultureless decade after all.’
    • ‘Concrete Jungle could be a noughties update on The Specials classic with which it shares its title.’
    • ‘No longer is the Tory party what it was in the 90s and early noughties - a preserve of old men who have something of the night about them, seeming Vulcans or sexless husks readily satirised with grey underpants outside their trousers.’
    • ‘The sixties might have seen the pill as the catalyst for sexual liberty amongst women, but in the noughties, women have relied on the availability of emergency contraception, and now the demand is to have it over-the-counter.’
    • ‘I don't mean one of those wildly speculative punts, common in the early noughties, when sellers added 20% to the price and got away with it.’
    • ‘But perhaps the generation of the noughties, like that of the sixties, is starting to realise that cynical detachment just gets you screwed.’
    • ‘Finding the ideal love match has never been more difficult for the ‘have-it-all’ generation of the noughties.’
    • ‘But here and now in the noughties, Governments do care.’
    • ‘Life's general ‘business’ and stress has made depression one of the top illnesses of the noughties.’
    • ‘Back in the early noughties I got involved with a dotcom startup.’
    • ‘With The Last Broadcast, Doves have consolidated their position as a credible and commercial band of the noughties.’
    • ‘The crazy nineties are giving way to the nonplussed noughties.’
    • ‘So could Prosecco be to the noughties what Chardonnay was to the '90s?’
    • ‘Back on the dark streets of noughties Britain, underage drinking has become a modern epidemic.’
    • ‘But twentysomethings could do more to spark some life back into the grey noughties.’
    • ‘This may be eighties rock, but its audience are well and truly noughties kids.’
    • ‘It wasn't exactly terrific reading, and they grew out of it by the time the noughties came along.’
    • ‘Finally, they remind audiences in the noughties that Australia has a long and proud film heritage for which we have fought successfully in the past - and which deserves to be recognised and protected in the present.’



/ˈnôdēz/ /ˈnɔdiz/


1980s from nought, on the pattern of twenties, thirties, etc..