Definition of noun phrase in English:

noun phrase


  • A word or group of words containing a noun and functioning in a sentence as subject, object, or prepositional object.

    • ‘The subjects were given a pre-test on combining two sentences into one sentence containing a relative clause where either the subject, object, or object of a preposition was the relativized noun phrase.’
    • ‘These criteria presuppose that we already have an understanding of ‘clause’, and of what it means for a noun phrase to function as ‘subject of a clause’.’
    • ‘The grammar of this passage is interesting, too: an independent clause is followed by a noun phrase set off by a comma, i.e. a noun phrase appositive.’
    • ‘The English adverb is normally followed by a noun phrase.’
    • ‘In short, there is no doubt that the verb ‘to cause’ may take, as its grammatical subject, a noun phrase referring to a persisting object, either human or inanimate, quite as well as a noun phrase referring to a particular event.’


noun phrase