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mainly derogatory
  • A short novel, typically one that is light and romantic or sentimental in character.

    ‘Drawing on these experiences, Webb's novelettes focus on the leisure-time activities of upper-class society in London, Paris, and Cannes.’
    • ‘We're trying to discern the difference between a short story, a vignette, a novella, and a novelette.’
    • ‘After a couple of novelettes, she started writing short stories for all leading publications in Malayalam and brought out her first compilation of short stories as ‘Nirmalyam’ in 1994.’
    • ‘Those are the short stories, here are the novelettes.’
    • ‘Ayn Rand wrote three novels, at least seven nonfiction books, a novelette and two plays.’
    • ‘The denigrated genres are there in abundance: romance, novelettes, westerns, ‘hard-boiled’ and so on.’
    • ‘The original novelette, The Bicentennial Man, was one of Asimov's finest pieces of work.’
    • ‘Lazily the nurse laid her romance novelette down and got up.’
    • ‘For the rest of his long, innovative and hugely prolific career, he drew inspiration from the comics, novelties, magazines, toys and cheap novelettes collected over the years with magpie insatiability.’
    • ‘In the marketplace of feature films, they've sort of become like novelettes - quaint-seeming, tied to a different era when everything was simpler.’
    • ‘There was a time when only a section of the women population were addicted to the novelettes churned out by several scintillating weeklies.’
    • ‘The novelette is well translated and available at’
    • ‘The novelette aside, the overall quality isn't quite up to par with Asimov's Science Fiction Magazine, but it's better than I expected.’
    • ‘Often her class held the suspense of a mystery novelette.’
    • ‘The first of these, published in 1846, bore the title of a featured novelette, Aunt Patty's Scrap Bag.’
    • ‘My current work in progress is a novelette about the death of the playwright Christopher Marlowe, so it's exciting for me to be behind the scenes of a real theatre.’
    • ‘Holden's next appearance was in a 90-page novelette finished in 1946, which, Salinger was unhappy with and did not publish, even though it had been accepted by a publisher.’
    • ‘Sophie Dahl's novelette was the straw that broke Matthew's back.’
    • ‘That first love can exert a powerful force, both constructive and destructive, is the central theme of Jens Christian Grøndahl's excellent novelette Virginia.’
    • ‘The trend in films and in the increasingly popular American pulp novelette is towards pornography and sex as part of a whole picture of violence.’



/ˌnävəˈlet/ /ˌnɑvəˈlɛt/