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  • 1Mathematics
    Denoting an unspecified member of a series of numbers or enumerated items.

    ‘systematic sampling by taking every nth name from the list’
    • ‘In 1865 Fuchs studied nth order linear ordinary differential equations with complex functions as coefficients.’
    • ‘Euler starts with an nth degree polynomial p with the following properties.’
    • ‘Although not the first to do so, al-Kashi gave an algorithm for calculating nth roots which is a special case of the methods given many centuries later by Ruffini and Horner.’
    • ‘Although this method had been used by earlier Arabic mathematicians to find approximations for the nth root of an integer, al-Tusi is the first that we know who applied the method to solve general equations of this type.’
    • ‘In 1909 Hilbert proved that given any integer n there is an integer m (depending on n) such that every integer is a sum of m nth powers.’
    1. 1.1(in general use) denoting an unspecified item or instance in a series, typically the last or latest in a long series.
      ‘for the nth time that day they were forced to relate the whole story’
      • ‘Now, Irishness seems to include fifth, sixth, seventh, eighth, ninth, nth generations of so-called ‘Irish people’ - and it is these ‘lost Irish’ who are being targeted to tick the box in the census.’
      • ‘But we are once again dealing with nth generation reproduction, without any remastering or reconfiguration.’
      • ‘While I'm not keen on the notion that we're all dependent on something in these addiction-obsessed times, I know that my fondness for adrenaline-surfing exceeds healthy limits and that (for the nth time) I need to Do Something About It.’
      • ‘Those who can't help but be over analytical or hate action films - 99% of the female population, the old and the educated - are far better off wasting their money to see Meg Ryan in her latest film playing the same role for the nth time.’
      • ‘This is the nth time over the past three weeks that my flight's been moved back at the last minute because of a meeting, and yet I can't find it in myself to be anything more than annoyed at the inconvenience of it.’
      • ‘The only reason to come out a day before the show opens (other than to see Bill Gates talk for the nth time) is to synthesize some of the 1,000 media kits.’
      • ‘So, whether a person is traveling for the first time or for the nth time, it is still best to keep in mind safety traveling tips so that the experience will be a gratifying one.’
      • ‘St Mary's College at present is akin to a sinking ship, and this nth round of cutbacks and strikes merely serves to raise the tide ever higher.’
      • ‘He tells the Dinah Shore Show story for the nth time and then he waits for the interviewer to set him up for the ‘buying his parents a VCR’ story.’
      • ‘‘Oh, I read all your articles,’ an excited advertiser tells a colleague, who blushed for the nth time that evening.’
      • ‘I mean, it's four o'clock in the morning as I write this, and I've just finished reading Scars for the nth time, and I don't want to go to bed with it swimming around in my head.’
      • ‘Apart from anything else, knowing she's going to be spending the next nth number of weeks with them, she pretends to be Italian and from another Big Brother just to see what their reaction is.’
      • ‘Tonight I watched Cruel Intentions for the nth time.’
      • ‘I do actually think I had some great ideas for turning the book in to a movie - reading the book for the nth time - but I'm hopeful after this casting news.’
      • ‘Silently, and for the nth time since I have been here, I told myself, ‘This is Hungary, Simon’ and headed out.’
      • ‘Space Mountain was my ride of choice - it seemed much faster than I remembered, and Star Tours was a good as ever despite it being my nth time.’
      • ‘I was re-reading Stardust for the nth time, and I couldn't help realizing how similar it was to Great Expectations.’
      • ‘But really, would you want be the nth person to die after mixing coke and heroin?’
      • ‘For the nth time in my life, I find myself without a cellphone again.’
      • ‘I was just too aware of the mechanisms, the way that the actors were repeating for the nth time the same lines and movements.’
      unnamed, unstated, unidentified, unquantified, undesignated, undefined, unfixed, undecided, undetermined, uncertain, uncounted



/enTH/ /ɛnθ/


    to the nth degree
    • To the utmost.

      ‘the gullibility of the electorate was tested to the nth degree by such promises’
      • ‘I mean the man loved himself and appreciated his own talents to the nth degree.’
      • ‘The multi-million pound consumer research industry is used by manufacturers to design and market products to the nth degree, down to colour, shape, timing and deciding on prices that will not break the consumer.’
      • ‘He said: ‘With the Data Protection Act you have to push it to the nth degree.’’
      • ‘I want us to take advantage of every opportunity to experience life to the nth degree and be conscious that every word, movement, thought and action makes a difference.’
      • ‘However, bands of the calibre of Franz Ferdinand and Scissors Sister emerged from leftfield obscurity to take music back from those who were willing to exploit it to the nth degree.’
      • ‘They not only got away with this, but managed to bombard and abuse our sensibilities to the nth degree, spending millions of dollars via radio, TV and newspapers.’
      • ‘As we explain above, if you have a legitimate claim you owe it, not just to yourself, but to future potential travellers who will experience similar problems, to pursue it to the nth degree.’
      • ‘This is popular entertainment to the nth degree.’
      • ‘And just as modern sportsmen have their eating requirements monitored to the nth degree, Kent says a good nutritional balance in your soil is crucial.’
      • ‘The group are anti-establishment to the nth degree; they were and are still heavily involved with the UK free party scene.’

Main definitions of Nth in English

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