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  • 1(of a young woman) sexually attractive.

    ‘he employed a procession of nubile young secretaries’
    • ‘Myself and my friend stood and marvelled at the incredible array of ludicrously attractive nubile women.’
    • ‘I was perusing the latest issue of one of those male magazines, you know the type - glossy, cover shots of half naked nubile females and banner headlines screaming guarantees of hitherto unpossessed sexual prowess and financial muscle.’
    • ‘Instead, this production chiefly succeeds by emphasizing the cheerful absurdity of the situation, in which four healthy young men try to resist the call of their glands while four nubile women are literally sitting on their doorstep.’
    • ‘Well, science fiction, when I started reading it in 1930, was mostly bug-eyed monsters threatening nubile maidens.’
    • ‘So the community doesn't find blokes getting excited over nubile girls acceptable then, Paul?’
    • ‘Everywhere you look, beautiful, nubile young girls languish on the arms of badly dressed, uglier, older men.’
    • ‘At fifty-one, however, he finds it almost disappointing not to be tempted by the pair of nubile prostitutes who come on to him in an elevator.’
    • ‘We, the public, need to remember that hospital dramas on television, with their nubile nurses and minimal number of suffering senior citizens, are not reality.’
    • ‘Much of the mystic vampire appeal certainly emanates from the overt sexuality of the core image of a male vampire sucking the blood of a nubile maiden.’
    • ‘Grant licked his lips at the thought of all those inaccessible, nubile women across the river.’
    • ‘A nubile nymph's passion for a handsome stranger ends in a bizarre revenge slaying.’
    • ‘He's into yoga, Tantra and even takes a class of nubile ladies, all of whom are in love with him.’
    • ‘The company rumours about your stumbling antics with the nubile, young secretary have subsided, and Santa Claus once again brought you those lovely silk boxer shorts.’
    • ‘The Church of England was established when the unhappily married Henry VIII wanted to marry a nubile minx named Anne Boleyn.’
    • ‘Even nubile young Russians don't seem so attractive at that time in the morning.’
    • ‘We need to be looked after, pampered, and allowed to breed in captivity with nubile young women.’
    • ‘Fill all fans to the brim with beer, put strippers in a hot tub behind one end zone, and captivate them with 10 nubile dancers until they don't even notice the mediocre play.’
    • ‘A rollercoaster that loudly roars its way through tunnels filled with nubile dancing women/men in little more than their underwear, all crying out your name and screaming that you're the most attractive person in the world.’
    • ‘Frankly there's something a little creepy about the middle-aged Orsino mooning around his studio, painting likenesses of the nubile Olivia.’
    beautiful, pretty, lovely, attractive, good-looking, nice-looking, gorgeous, stunning, striking, arresting, captivating, prepossessing, winning, enchanting, appealing, ravishing, desirable, luscious, nubile
  • 2(of a young woman) sexually mature; old enough for marriage.

    ‘And, of course, as someone who has been without working equipment for most of his life, the presence of this nubile young woman causes him much inner pain, as she represents what he has never really known.’
    • ‘‘Spot’ had been spirited away by the Panthers with offer of a high-rise kennel and an unlimited supply of nubile young bitches from some of the local hostelries.’
    • ‘Eager parents of nubile daughters from Patna to Pune, Jammu to Juhu, here's the London boy of your dreams.’
    • ‘The tensive play between the two metaphors ‘bride’ and ‘body’ works only because it was not outrageous for a nubile woman to be depersonified as a body.’
    • ‘In Too Close For Comfort, Henry's wife was Muriel and their nubile daughters were Jackie and Sara, and they all lived together in a two-storey San Francisco duplex.’
    • ‘Polynesians tattooed the thighs and buttocks of nubile girls; Africans scarred them.’
    • ‘The filmmakers knew exactly what the fans wanted - nubile teenagers, icky death scenes, and multiple angles of Jason walking through the woods as if he were on a cross-country trek of terror.’
    • ‘I hear this from medical professionals all the time; barely dressed nubile children disrupting their work environment.’



/ˈno͞oˌbīl/ /ˈnuˌbaɪl/ /ˈno͞ob(ə)l/ /ˈnub(ə)l/


Mid 17th century from Latin nubilis ‘marriageable’, from nubere ‘cover or veil oneself for a bridegroom’ (from nubes ‘cloud’).