Definition of nuclear energy in English:

nuclear energy



  • The energy released during nuclear fission or fusion, especially when used to generate electricity.

    ‘All the steps in the complex process of creating nuclear energy entail environmental hazards.’
    • ‘No need for oil, coal, natural gas or nuclear energy.’
    • ‘Fear of the atomic bomb leads to turning away from peaceful applications of nuclear energy.’
    • ‘The two countries will also discuss about further strengthening their cooperation in the field of nuclear energy.’
    • ‘To some extent, American aid also prevented France from turning towards the military application of nuclear energy.’
    • ‘The women rallied their resources, with branches throughout the country forming standing committees to collect information on nuclear energy.’
    • ‘He then worked on peaceful applications of nuclear energy.’
    • ‘Sweden will close a second nuclear reactor in 2003 in its plan to phase out nuclear energy by 2010.’
    • ‘In many countries where nuclear units are in operation today, nuclear energy clearly is an option for the next millennium.’
    • ‘Like Iran, North Korea wants to pursue nuclear energy for peaceful purposes.’
    • ‘He has offered French expertise on nuclear energy in return for access to North Africa's gas reserves.’
    • ‘Neither fossil fuels nor nuclear energy seem at the moment to be viable alternatives.’
    • ‘Nuclear energy is a way of creating heat through the fission process of atoms.’
    • ‘Nuclear energy from uranium is released in the two fission fragments.’
    • ‘Nuclear energy remains an attractive potential means of propulsion for future spacecraft.’
    • ‘It was based on an idea, nothing more - an idea about how to harness nuclear energy.’
    • ‘This is why I believe we must now consider nuclear energy.’
    • ‘The unspoken consensus in much of the energy community is that you cannot address global warming without substantial additions of nuclear energy.’
    • ‘Nuclear energy plays an insurance role in this system.’
    • ‘He favors reducing carbon dioxide emissions and developing nuclear energy.’