Definition of nuclear war in English:

nuclear war

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  • A war in which nuclear weapons are used.

    ‘Ten more years in Iraq means ten more years of the heightened possibility of nuclear war.’
    • ‘They're building a shelter for long-term use in the event of nuclear war.’
    • ‘McClellan must be asked on Monday to state whether plans have been drawn up for George Bush to start a nuclear war.’
    • ‘Maybe the 12 rating is the result of the lessened threat of nuclear war.’
    • ‘The United States was facing the prospect of nuclear war.’
    • ‘In such a situation, the US might feel compelled to initiate a nuclear war to defend itself.’
    • ‘They might even propel the subcontinent toward nuclear war.’
    • ‘Various international crises have occurred in which there has been the risk of nuclear war.’
    • ‘We don't want an outbreak of a nuclear war.’
    • ‘With regard to nuclear powers, the threat of a conventional war growing into a nuclear war will remain.’
    • ‘Yet there are some factors which could lead to a nuclear war.’
    • ‘An interstate conflict could flare into nuclear war at any time.’
    • ‘Suppose a terrible event like a nuclear war wiped out half of humanity.’
    • ‘The medical reality of nuclear war must inform the political reality of the twenty-first century.’
    • ‘Preparations for war were, perhaps, inhibited by the knowledge that a nuclear war would put an end to British history.’
    • ‘The possibility of a devastating nuclear war was a real one.’
    • ‘He also wrote and lectured extensively on the threat of nuclear war.’
    • ‘As a child I used to dream horrific nightmares about nuclear war.’
    • ‘It is estimated that the US spends $27 billion annually to prepare to fight a nuclear war.’
    • ‘It was moved there in 1957, amid fears that Washington would be hit in a nuclear war.’